Solar Converting Kits

Eco World Solar Auto Senson converting kits is a smart device, based on patented technology, which can convert any ordinary electric inverter and battery setup into solar power system. It lets you use the free and green energy generated by solar panels to power all your electrical equipment. You make huge savings on electricity bill and get to charge the batteries even during power-cut and of course help save the environment.

Automatically run your appliances on solar at day time and disconnects the Electricity supply, from which you can almost 70% of your electricity bill.

Eco World Solar Converting Kit, which comes with solar panels, gets connected to your existing Electric inverter and battery.

When sun rays fall on solar panels, they generate power (DC electricity) which reaches the batteries through Eco World Solar Converting Kit and batteries get charged.

Eco World Solar Converting Kit ensures that the right amount of charge reaches your battery because very high power that solar panels generate may damage the batteries if the charge is not regulated. Eco World Solar Converting Kit charges the batteries in different stages and gives a controlled amount of charge so that they get fully charged and are able to hold 100% charge.

It protects batteries from overcharging by intelligently disconnecting solar power when the batteries get fully charged. It also safeguards the solar panels by prohibiting the flow of current in reverse direction from batteries to solar panels during the night.

During the day when solar power is being generated and fully charging the batteries, Eco World Solar Converting Kit intelligently disconnects the mains and powers your house via inverter using energy storedin batteries. You take almost nothing from the main power supply that means your electricity meter stops – more savings for you.

When batteries are drained Eco World Solar Converting Kit first tries to get charged through solar but in absence of solar, goes on to mains mode and gets you power from main grid supply.

In evenings or when sun is not available, Eco World Solar Converting Kit detects that and switches the mains on. The inverter charges the battery through main grid supply so you get non-stop electricity even during power cuts at night.

Extra Smart Features of Eco World Solar Converting Kit

Eco World Solar Converting Kit lets you choose the battery reserve based on your needs. For example if you would like that the mains get on when battery reserve drops down on 20 percent then use the dip switch provided at the back to set this. You can keep up to 80% of battery reserve which can be very useful during power cut

The Eco World Solar Converting Kit works intelligently to decide when to charge your inverter from solar or the grid, depending upon the availability of the former. If solar is available, your inverter shall charge its batteries through solar power but will automatically start charging from mains in absence of sun.

Its LCD display keeps you informed about important things such as if mains is on or if solar is working, battery volts and how much money you are saving.

Who Should Get Eco World Solar Converting Kit?

Anyone who has inverter and batteries in their house should get Eco World Solar Converting Kit because it turns their existing ordinary inverter into solar inverter.

Areas that face major power cuts will find Eco World Solar Converting Kit very useful because they will be to charge batteries through solar as the grid supply in unreliable.